CaHaي TiNت

" Ku meNuju ke semua tempat berbekalkan sebataNg tiNت
bertujuaN uNtuk meNuLis iLmu yaNg baru ku perOLehi.

BukaN haNya uNtuk meNgingatkaNku tatkaLa ku aLpa,
tetapi juga sebagai iLmu kepada yaNg baru membacaNya.
ItuLah NamaNya Cahaي Tinت"

Law 1: Respect

The first law in developing effective communication is the attitude that respects each individual targeted messages that we submit.
Respect and mutual respect is the law in the first we communicate with others. Remember that, in principle, people want to be valued and considered important. If we even have to criticize or rebuke someone, do with full respect for self and pride someone. If we build communication with the feeling and attitude of respect and mutual respect, then we can build a partnership that resulted in a synergy that will improve the effectiveness of our performance both as individuals and as a whole as a team.

Law 2: Empathy
Our empathy is the ability to place ourselves in situations or conditions that faced by other people.One of the main prerequisites in attitude have empathy is the ability to listen to us or understand first before heard or understood by other people.
(First Seek to Understand-understand then be understood to build the skills of empathetic listening that inspires openness and trust). This is Communication with Empathic. By understanding and listening to other people first, we can build trust and openness that we need to build in cooperation or synergy with other people.
Similarly with other forms of communication, such as cooperation in building a communications team. We need to understand each other and understand the existence of other people in our team. Sense of empathy or respect will cause the award, and the feeling of respect will build trust which is a key element in building teamwork.

Law 3: Audible
Audible can be heard or understood correctly. If empathy means we must listen first and be able to receive feedback with the good, the audible message means that we can submit the message received by the recipient. This law says that the message must be delivered through the media or delivery channels such to be well received by the recipient of the message.This law refers to our ability to use various media and equipment, or audio visual aids that will help us in order to submit a message that we be well received. Personal communication in this case means that the message was delivered in a manner or attitude that can be received by the recipient of the message.

Law 4: Clarity
Apart from that the message must be understood well, the law related to the fourth is the clarity of the message itself so it does not cause multiple or different interpretations of the different. When I worked in the Secretariat of State, this law is the most prepared in the main correspondence high level. Because of errors or messages that can cause a variety of treatment will not impact that simple.
Clarity can also mean that openness and transparency. In communicating we need to develop open attitude (not that there is covered or hidden), so that may cause confidence (trust) of the message recipient or a member of our team. Because without scrutiny akan arise mutually suspicious attitude and in turn will reduce the spirit and enthusiasm our group or team.

Law 5: Humble
Fifth in the law effective communication is a humble attitude. This attitude is the element associated with the first law to build a sense of respect for others, usually based on low attitude heart that we have. In edition 32 Mandiri Lowest attitude we had heart, which essentially are: the attitude of (in marketing Customer First Attitude), appreciate the attitude, want to hear and accept criticism, and not arrogant disdain of others, acknowledge the mistake, forgive willing, gentle and full of self-control, and the interest of the greater.
If we wake up the communication is based on five basic law of communication is effective, then we can be a powerful and communicator which in turn can build network relationships with other people who are full of appreciation (respect), because this is who can build long-term relationship mutual benefit and reinforce each other.

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